Our standard is this: WOLF is the standard. We transform the highest quality raw material into precision fitting steel members by employing the latest systems and technology. Accurate production of members designed and detailed by the team upstream is an essential element of our fabrication process.

Any Size Large or Small

From 10 kg members to 10 ton members WOLF is capable of fabricating all parts to the highest quality obtainable.  Built-up sections, structural members, zees and cees, and rollformed panels and trim are all manufactured at each of our fabrication facilities.

Steel Industry Standards

All WOLF products are created in accordance with industry codes and regulations. The audit reviews engineering, procurement and fabrication activities on a semiannual basis. In addition, WOLF uses certified weld inspectors  together with a solid quality control program. All buildings and other structures are designed and constructed in accordance with the Indian Standards for applicable load.

On the Job

The moment of truth – when the cranes being lifting the fabricated members into place our true ability is realized.  Piece by piece, projects take shape just a thousands of others around the country  have in the past.  We never get tired of this, and our customer seem to like it too!


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