Armed with the latest software and training, USA detailers are able to take an architect’s concept forward from engineering to fabrication with efficiency and accuracy.

Drafting and Detailing

The next step of the metal building creation process after design and engineering is drafting and detailing. All personnel in sales, design, engineering, drafting, detailing and shipping are members of a coordinated team that will produce a final product that precisely meets a customer’s metal building specifications.

Nuts and Bolts

Once the WOLF engineering team has finalized their design to meet the project requirements, the WOLF detailing team steps in to break that plan down into components using the latest steel detailing software to detail each individual piece to be fabricated. WOLF engineers specify the size of each component so that the WOLF Detailer can determine what kind of connection material is called for, down to every nut and bolts required on the project.

Attention to Detail

It’s no simple matter to ensure all parts of a metal building fit together precisely as part of an aesthetically pleasing and functional safe structure. What the USA drafting/detailing staff turn over to the USA fabrication department will involve painstaking study of the building specifications, often with extensive drawing and re-drawing. Staff must effectively calculate, and check and re-check sizes and lengths of building components. USA charges these professionals with producing focused, thorough, steel details—overlooking nothing—often on a demanding timeline. Day in and day out, the USA Drafting team proves they are up to the challenge by producing dependable details on time and with great accuracy.


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